How to use Khash-Flow

As a financial member you enjoy this benefits listed herein after paying a one time registration fee of 1,500 naira only.

                                 HOW TO EARN WITH US

 AFFILIATE: As an affiliate, you earn over 67.0% per each referral i.e When you introduce a friend to khash-flow, you earn #1000 Naira from their entry fee and the person been referred gets N100 as an opening balance instantly for becoming part of the khash-flow Community.

 WEEKLY BONUS OF UNDRAWN AFFILIATE EARNINGS: As a registered member You are entitled to earn 3% weekly from your undrawn referral earnings added to your bonus account, this offer do not work if you withdraw all your earnings, i.e there must be at least #600 in other to be eligible for this feature.

 GAMES AND BI-WEEKLY CHALLENGES: There will be games and challenges from different areas including sports, entertainment, politics, history etc posted on the platform whereby users can partake in and earn cash and other great prizes.

The first 10 users to answer the questions correctly(accordingly) will each earn themselves #500 of which they should withdraw immediately and also the next 5 users will be rewarded with #200 each.

Please note that this amount must be withdrawn after you have been confirmed a winner before the next round of games as previous games earnings will be discarded once the next games are available

NOTE: Games comes up twice weekly and on those days there would be no sponsored posts.

LOGINS/COMMENTS/SPONSORED POSTS: All users are entitled to a daily login khash bonus of #50, #1 for comments and #50 for sponsored posts posted on their facebook timeline or any social media. Anyone that is preferable with at least 100 friends or 50 followers respectively.(All posts should always be posted to the public).


                               ADDITIONAL FEATURES FOR USERS

 WITHDRAWAL: all confirmed members can withdraw both their earnings at any given time.All users will be paid in less than 48 hours after confirmation

 FUNDS TRANSFER: Another cool feature is that users can be able to transfer their referral earnings to other users in the platform on a minimum scale of N500.

 VIRTUAL TOP UP SERVICES (VTU): Members can use part of their earnings in purchasing services such as airtime recharge, internet data bundles, Gotv/Dstv subscriptions etc.

 ADVERTISEMENT FOR MEMBERS: As a financial member of Khashflow, you are entitled to place adverts on our websites about your products/services to reach thousands of our members for free.





  • We have the lowest registration fee in the market compared to other platforms.


  • We make your earnings useful anytime you choose to, i.e the withdraw button is always there for you and will be paid in less than 48hrs after request/confirmation.


  • Also users can transfer earnings to their friends/members in the platform at ease.


  • Users can also pay their bills through our virtual top up services such as Gotv/Dstv, Airtime recharge, Data bundles etc .


  • Many more features will be added really soon